Czech & Slovak

Lady Lynn



Music Playing:  Antonin Dvorak  (1841-1904)
"Romantic Pieces" Op. 75; I. Allegro moderato

Burr Oak, IA. 

August, 2012


I took Highway 13 South to Cedar Rapids and visited the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library located in Czech Village.  I meandered through three galleries: Smith Gallery, Petrik Gallery, and the Jiruska Gallery, with the biggest exhibit being that of Alphonse Mucha: Inspirations of Art Nouveau.  Mucha (1860-1939) may be best known for his creation of “Slav Epic” – a series of murals (20 of them) that depict the history of the Slavonic peoples.  His paintings, portraits, posters, photos, and murals focused on nature’s beauty, national unity, and spirituality, and most of his models and motifs were women.  I moseyed around a little bit more before purchasing a C.D.

(called the “Czech Serenade”) which is being played on this webpage.



National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.

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