Lady Lynn

Client Relations


Client Relations Specialist

Industry: Automotive Repair 

My job was to provide direct customer service to individuals requesting automotive service repair.

Key Responsibilities Included:

*  Handle very heavy phone and foot traffic at a busy front desk with high call volume; field and route calls as appropriate.

*  Strengthen ability to be diplomatic and fair, and increase capacity in understanding customers' needs and concerns.

*  Sharpen experience at handling often difficult customers and their complaints when it comes time to pay their bill.

*  Defuse anger, use discretion, and find solutions to resolve problems when services were not rendered as expected.

*  Resolve conflicts by conducting thorough research into the problem, and request management assistance when needed.

*  Explain repairs and their costs, line by line, parts and labor, and request a service advisor to assist whenever necessary.

*  Research service histories, suggest new services, and make recommendations based on mileage of customer's vehicle.

*  Provide information such as: costs and coverage, repairs and service, discounts and coupons, rentals and warranties. 

*  Process checks, enter correct codes, close service orders, handle currency, deposit money in locked safe at shift's end.