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Capital Area United Way

Organization Mission:  Community Improvement and Investment

Employed:  2013 to 2015

Title:  Administrative Assistant to the Departments of Finance and Labor

Synopsis:  My job was to enter financial data, extract for reports, and ensure the accuracy of donor records and monetary information.

Key Areas of Responsibility Included:

1.)  Daily Deposits:

Researched accounts, acquired proper codes, and accurately recorded payments into the database.

2.)  Pledge Processing:

Documented designations, uploaded to DataMatics, cleansed data, processed credit card transactions, recorded amounts, and entered payments and schedules into system.

3.)  Accounts Payables/Receivables:

Prepared deposits, entered invoices, extracted reports, processed receipts, printed checks, obtained signatures, sent designation payouts, and paid all bills twice a month on behalf of agency.

4.)  Committee Meetings:

(These included the following:  Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Public Policy Committee, and EFSP - Emergency Food and Shelter Program)

Contacted committee members, coordinated dates and times, scheduled meetings, attended those meetings, and took accurate minutes.

5.)  Administrative Support:

Provided additional clerical support for two Labor Liaisons on a project-based basis.



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