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Title:  Donor Services Representative in the Data Management Department

Agency Mission:  Animal Adoption, Rescue and Welfare

My job was to designate and process donations, and to provide additional administrative and development support for the department.

Key Areas of Responsibility Included:

1.)  Donation Designation:

Designated donations into specific gift types:

Major and Matching Gifts, Grants and Foundations, Trusts and Estates, Deeds and Bequests, Internet-Generated Income, In Honor/Memory of, Individual Fundraising, Targeted Marketing, Planned Giving, Corporate Contribution, Restricted Donations, Payroll Deductions, Humane Education, Gift Annuities, Campaign Appeals, Sponsorship Support, Monthly Pledges, and Sweepstakes Responses.

2.)  Gift Processing:

**  Entered donations into database using the proprietary software that was specifically designed for the organization.

**  Ensured transactional accuracy, investigated issues, corrected discrepancies, and accessed donor histories as needed.

**  Had a thorough understanding of remittance slips and explanations in order to code checks accurately and properly.

**  Visited websites and accessed portal pages in order to obtain breakdowns for matching gifts and payroll deductions.

3.)  Development Support:

**  Assisted the Data Management Department with creating queries, entering codes, and pulling special reports.

**  Provided additional administrative support (making photocopies, scanning documents, ordering supplies, etc.).

**  Distributed copies to respective departments and filed the appropriate documents to provide future tax receipts.

**  Delivered checks to be deposited.


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“How much is that doggy in the window?”
            I gained a great deal from my employment at this organization and wish to share some of what I learned.  If you’re shopping for a pet; whether it is a canine companion or a feline friend, then look no further than your local shelter.  For starters, shelter animals make great pets and are less expensive than those that are bought at a pet store.  You only pay an adoption fee, which is relatively modest considering the cost that the shelter pays to feed, medically treat, socially train, and house the animal.  On top of that, the fee often includes the cost of vaccinations and spay/neuter services.  In addition to this, most shelters offer training classes and low-cost medical care for your new pet.  And most importantly, you will be supporting the life-saving work of shelter rescues, and not adding to the supply/demand of mill-bred and mill-produced animals.
            Puppy mills, backyard breeders, hoarder houses, and large-scale breeding facilities strictly operate for profit without regard for the welfare or well-being of the animal.  They produce high quantities of puppy and kitten litters, with low quality food and care, and keep them in cruel conditions that are harmful to the animals.  These animals live in cramped and crowded quarters; they lack nutrition and human interaction, and they receive little or no medical treatment.  They are kept in cages, never socialized with other animals, or given adequate attention.  They are also forced to reproduce, and when they can no longer produce litters, they are carelessly discarded.  The outcomes of in-breeding and over-breeding to this extent not only affect the animals producing the litters, but adversely affect their offspring as well.  Many of these litter mates are born with deformities and diseases, and a variety of other health and behavior problems.  The environment in which they live is high in stress and low in sanitation.  They are mistreated, neglected and abused, and abandoned or auctioned off when they are no longer of use.  So, for every cute puppy in the pet store, there is its mother who is still stuck at that mill house, with no chance of adoption, and no means of escape.
            Stop the cruelty!  Don’t buy that doggy in the pet store window, but adopt from your local rescue shelter instead.
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